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    The Status Quo Gives Hospitals Permission To Prey On Patients.

    Never Pay Another Penny 
    For Unfair Medical Charges.

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients are billed for what’s known as a trauma activation charge. This unregulated medical fee can be arbitrarily applied and costs patients up to thousands of dollars — without necessity, without their knowledge, and without their consent. 

    Fair Care Project is here to challenge that. 


We Review Your Bill For Free

Fair Care Project is a team of healthcare professionals who read your hospital bill — line by line — to ensure any and all charges are applied in compliance with regulatory statutes. 

Our medical bill appeal process is nationally recognized by Trauma Center Association of America. Better yet? Our service is completely free, and there’s no catch. Let us review your medical bill today. 

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Hospital bills are stuffed with complex, overwhelming medical jargon. As a result, patients don’t always have the resources to understand what they’re being charged for. You may be drowning in medical debt. That’s where we come in. 

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Our Core Value Is To Serve The Patient - Not The Hospitals Bottom Line

Our Story

In 2015, after a standard visit to the emergency room, Fair Care Project founder and patient advocate Erik Aranda-Wikman was slammed with an unexpected $12,000 charge.  As healthcare professional who worked for years in medical billing, Erik could decipher the bill and determine the hospital had abused the use of medical charges. But after years of witnessing how hospitals take advantage of unassuming patients, he decided to take matters into his own hands.


Erik launched the Fair Care Project in 2018 to help patients understand their medical bills and make informed decisions about their healthcare. Since then, the Fair Care Project has worked on a case-by-case basis with patients and undertaken larger research projects with hospitals nationwide.


The Fair Care Project is headquartered in San Rafael, CA. 

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