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Healthcare Charging Errors - Do they even occur?

By - Erik
05/15/19 07:12 PM
Healthcare billing is an essential component of any healthcare facilities operation, regardless of whether patients obtain insurance or pay out of pocket for their healthcare bills. Delivering healthcare is costly, and paying for these charges is growing harder for patients as healthcare costs continue to rise. Experts noted a rise in medical expenses of 13 percent and discovered that 51% of polled patients owe their physicians at least One Thousand Dollars.

However, healthcare billing mistakes are not only terrible for patients— but they can also be destructive to healthcare facilities. The kind of issues can be caused by healthcare billing and what measures can hospital facilities take to guarantee their accounting office is accurate are caused by numerous reasons. Not only are the issues with healthcare billing mistakes clerical, but they can also have a detrimental effect on the care of the patient.

Most hospital billing mistakes occur thanks to an incorrect diagnostic code being recorded on the bill by a computer or a company member. On accounts that exceed $10,000, it becomes even more and more prevalent. These charges often arrive with mistakes above $1300, according to loan agency Equifax.

To err is human, and sometimes these errors trickle onto medical bills. For exampled a diagnostic code for examining both arms if only one was evaluated, or a spelling mistake that results in a diagnostic code that is distinct and more costly than the one recommended. The issue is that these mistakes can lead to the denial of their claims by the patient insurance companies, making it much harder for them to have the care they need and lower the general performance of patient care.

Fraud charges, when it comes to health care billing mistakes, do not only inflict hard on the patient, but they can bring that risk to healthcare facilities too. Many healthcare accounting irregularities can cause investigation and accounting audits that can damage both financially and the reputation of a healthcare facility. Significant figures of accounting mistakes can even lead to fraud allegations that can cause a high number of penalties and push clients away from healthcare facilities. These mistakes occur more frequently than what most individuals believe. According to a 2015 article, approximately 90% of all medical bills contain an error, increasing the likelihood that the claim will be denied by the patient's insurance provider or the self-pay patient pays for services that were never actually rendered.

Lastly, incorrect data provided by the patient, such as the patient's name and identification data, supplier data, or insurance data, is also an area by which medical billing mistakes can occur. Incomplete or lousy facility documentation or being a self-pay patient can also lead to the significant error rate of medical charges arising throughout the nation in healthcare facilities.