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Surprise Emergency Room Bills

ER bills average at about $1,389 according to a 2017 study that examined the increased incidence rate of surprise billing, especially for Emergency Room visits. That is just the average of one ER visit. Families spend up to an average of $10,000 annually on healthcare expenses such as these surprise medical bills that are becoming too common.

How patients are billed by Emergency Rooms and the Physicians is not conducive to a healthy health care system. In our system, the law known as EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act), if you feel like you need medical attention for an emergency you have the right to be seen by a provider and stabilized if necessitated. All this happens before they tell you the cost. One could argue that since it was an emergency, cost should never be considered over a life or death situation (side note, the Emergency Room is for just that, people who are moments away from tragedy or miraculous saves; If you need help finding a primary care physician, we are happy to help. Just fill out this form to get started.). Thus in defense of you as a patient and hospitals as institutions that follow the same economic rule of bringing in more money than spending. Finding a negotiated or payment plan that fits YOUR financial situation but still provides the hospital with some revenue for the services provided is Fair Care.

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