“I spend half my time comforting the afflicted, and the other half afflicting the comfortable.”

Wess Stafford  |  JUNE 2016


We are entering a new era of healthcare, and access, affordability, and rehumanization are all necessary for the next generation to succeed. Fair Care Project is in the business of pushing against the current status quo and giving a voice to patients and doctors through initiatives like health literacy education, digital media to help navigate the healthcare system, current and relevant news catered for those wanting to be a part of the next generation of healthcare.

All are welcome!


To provide a platform that promotes healthcare education, patient advocacy, and innovative healthcare projects.




To become the most trusted resource for those who are going through the healthcare system, working in healthcare, or interested in healthcare policy


Establish Fair Care Project as a thought leader in challenging the status quo of healthcare


Provide the best advocacy for individuals with specific healthcare navigation and negotiation needs; from bill review to help enrolling in insurance, we do it all

Core Values

  1. We will always hold true to our integrity.

  2. We will always act and produce content that is unbiased to our users and readers; unless specifically specified as editorial documentation.

  3. We will never provide less service based on an individual’s ability to pay for our services.





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