Sounds Like You Have Some Trauma Drama

Trauma Activation Fees can be expensive. Overwhelmingly expensive. However, it serves a purpose. The right resources are tending to you upon arrival and your survival rate goes way up. That being said, there are strict criteria that must be met to bill one of these charges. We have years of knowledge of the criteria required for that charge to stick. Let us review it for compliance for you.

With over 15 years of combined experience on the business side of acute traumatic injury at hospitals around the country. we have been in trauma for a long period of time, and we are dedicated to ensuring you are treated fairly and that trauma activation charges on your hospital bill are applied in compliant and following regulatory statutes. We ensure that trauma centers are not taking advantage of the lack of regulation regarding how much a trauma fee can cost.

At Fair Care Project, we also foster great healthcare innovative ideas that promote Fair Care for patients and physicians. We have multiple long term projects underway that will hope to bring swift and strict justice to big hospitals taking advantage of the trauma activation charge.



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